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Enjoy our freshly made maple syrup in a classic plastic jug, various sizes available.

We do not offer shipping of gallon jugs due to the cost of shipping as well as damages that

have occurred during the shipping process   

Maple Syrup Jug

SKU: 0013
  • Freshly made NY maple syrup! Available in a variety of sizes.
    Our maple syrup is naturally organic, gluten free and does not contain
    any additives or preservatives. 
    We do not blend our syrup like most other companies. When you purchase our maple syrup, you know it came straight from our sugar bush. It may have a slightly different taste each time you order based on the day it was made during the maple season. Mother nature has a lot to do with how maple syrup tastes. 

  • If you happen to have an issue with one of our products, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. 
    Please be sure to keep the jug of syrup, as well as your receipt and contact us at 301.524.8628. We will then go over your options and advise you on how to return the above items back to us.

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